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021/365 - "SLEEP"

021/365 - "SLEEP"

💤 nap time 💤

Something new that I started this year is called a 365 Challenge. The main purpose of this challenge is to continuously improve my skills and techniques by capturing a picture a day and posting it on social media such as Instagram and Facebook (speaking of which, please like, follow, friend, etc.)

There are many different 365 challenges out there. You can also certainly come up with a 365 theme on your own. However, the one I’m doing is hosted by They provide a free-for-download calendar with a topic associated with each day of the year.

Sounds easy, right? Well that depends on how hard you challenge yourself to the task. Some participants are happy just snapping a quick shot while others put a lot of thought into the assignment. In the end its really up to the participant. They more time you put into it, the more your skills develop but the less time you’ll have for other things in your life.

017/365 - "A SOUND YOU HEARD"

017/365 - "A SOUND YOU HEARD"

🎶 untz untz untz 🎶 pumping thru @mackiegear and out the @beatsbydre 🎧

To further the complexity of this challenge on a personal level, I’ve tried to incorporate the use of colors to convey certain moods for each picture. Mood color charts are available all over the internet, but you can find the one I’m using by clicking —>here<—

For those that would like to participate, I invite you to check out my Lifestories365 Gallery first to get a feel for the challenge. Then go pick up an iPhone, DSLR, or even Polaroid and join in….take some pics and post them up. Make sure to use the #photoblog365 hashtag in your posts so the rest of the community can see. Good luck!!!

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